Finally ! A Continuous Read septic tank monitor!! from 0% t0 100%

Trusted by customers, per gallon billing is now here!

  • No electrical lines to run. Tank sensor battery operated ( 2 year life!!)

  • Easily self installed, just drop line into tank and plug in home display. Starts reading immediately!!

  • Plan ahead for weekend guests and avoid surprise tank overflows with continuous read display.

  • No more wandering outside in the winter, lifting a heavy lid and checking level !!  

  • Monitor tank leaks, preventing nearby contamination of wells!!

( if display level goes down frequently, you may have a leak in your tank)

No WiFi? No Cellular coverage in your area?
No Problem!!
Our self contained system beams from your tank to a display in your house, so you will know the liquid level of your tank at ALL times, Alll levels, not just when it gets full. 
No electrical to be run to your tank. Our Tankfull system is self contained, battery operated, with a battery life of 2 years!!

What do you get? ( Magic and more)

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